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Director's Message

As Director I would like to welcome you to our school, and invite you to spend some time reviewing the information on our site. I am confident you will see that our unique approach to Christian education is nothing like anything else in this area, and our commitment to excellence is second to none! Please leave us a message, as I would love to talk with you about your child's education!

-Denise Jordan


A multiage classroom is not simply a group of different aged students placed in the same classroom because it’s convenient. Instead it is a well organized and thought out program designed to take advantage of the natural diversity created when students of various ages and ability levels come together to learn.
This approach puts a greater emphasis on what is developmentally appropriate for each student, which
will in turn offer greater opportunities for success. The multiage classroom is a safe learning environment, where students can;

  • think critically

  • take risks

  • share accomplishments

  • seek assistance from peers and teachers.


The modern application of a multiage classroom is not a re-creation of the old styled one-room school house you may have seen on television. Instead, a mix of students learn together in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and mentoring, while allowing advanced students to move ahead, and struggling students additional time and resources to master content. Simply stated, this educational philosophy puts the students at the center.


Next Generation Academics not only provides academic excellence and character development, but also gives a real purpose for such an education through Christian beliefs. Our students learn a foundation of wisdom and integrity, while being engaged in a wholesome and supportive classroom environment. Additionally, our school partners with a local church to provide a non-denominational chapel weekly to enforce biblical lessons taught in classes.

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity”.

(1Timothy 4:12)


Florida law dictates that elementary schools must provide 30 consecutive minutes of PE daily... well, Next Gen goes above and beyond! Our students receive 45 minutes daily with a certified personal trainer. We understand that students are more productive and happy when they have expended their 'wiggles'. Furthermore, structured play develops social skills, improves fine motor skills and improves overall health. But the fun doesn't stop there! Next Gen provides dance class as an additional form of group exercise, as well as before and after school free play to start and end the day on a high note. 



Next Gen combines a variety of publishers to

meet every student's need. 

  • Abeka (Language Arts, Sciences, Social Studies)

  • William H. Sadlier (Language Arts, Math)

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Math)

  • Lorenz Educational Press (Science)

  • Spectrum


Next Gen students enjoy being part of a school family,

where everyone has a voice and is an active participant in learning, problem solving, and achieving their goals. Parents, students, and staff work together to ensure student success and produce school functions that directly benefit every student. You won’t find  a school atmosphere like ours anywhere else in this area.


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